079: Dear Monday

Linking up with the Megan from The Happy Day Blog.

Dear Mum, yesterday was Mother’s Day – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Thank you for being amazing and helping me, Chris and Our Sidekick out over the last 6 ish months – without you Dad and The Stig I think we’d have been in deep doo doo somewhere along the line. You’re amazing! You taught me to knit (probably like 5 times because I never could remember which way to go!) you taught me to crochet (At least twice and I still can’t do it!) and sew (this one I can do but still with questions!)

So that's two of three mother's day presents sorted. And two birthday presents to wrap (which are unfortunately both late!!)

Dear Caz, the breakfast on Saturday was so much fun! Thank you to you and the girlies for organising it – I finished my heart off Saturday evening and gave it to my Mum on Sunday.

I finished my ❤ from the breakfast this morning. We had breakfast then a little talk then a craft session. It was awesome.

Dear Ukulele I finally got you on Friday! Wahoo! Well it was very exciting I learnt various chords (that I’m not sure I can remember now but that’s a negative so sshh!). I learnt Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but because you have to let the strings settle they can go out of tune really easily – well by the time I’d been playing for like an hour I had to retune my Uke 3 times!! Also my book that I bought said tune in one key but all the music I could find and the friends I spoke to on Facebook (who plays ukuleles) all say tune in C – well that was it I was going to tune in C and that way I can play all my current music and not have to transpose my music.

Dear Cinema Trip with Our Sidekick Yesterday afternoon me and Our Sidekick went to see The Muppets – we were going to go and see it a few weeks ago but then it was sold out. Well as our rehearsal at Cardington was cancelled and we had a free time after Contact Time yesterday we went to the cinema to see it – The moment with Human Walter made us both laugh our socks off – we both love How I Met Your Mother and I love Big Bang Theory – well on one side of the piano is Jason Segel (Marshall in HIMYM if you didn’t know that!) and on the other side of this double piano is Jim Parsons (Dr Sheldon Cooper in TBBT). It was just so funny and we laughed but no one else in the cinema did! We then headed home and watched The Diary of A Wimpy Kid – it was a present from Chris to Our Sidekick.

Dear Chris you came home on Saturday from an Ikea trip with Rice cakes, gluten free custard creams and a bunch of tulips. Thank you very muchlie. Unfortunately I didn’t have a vase to put the flowers in but instead I used a cookie jar that went through the dishwasher last week. We can always put it through again on a high setting.

@cgbj got me tulips. Only problem not enough vases. Had to use an empty cookie jar loll

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