081: Hello Wednesday, How Are You?

Hello Wednesday

What would be the silver lining to an evening when I had a headache and ended up sleeping for nearly two hours – I guess it would be that I slept. At the same time it meant my brain felt all muddled and so at this time of night I should be going to sleep but actually my brain is too awake to let me go to sleep. I’ve watched an episode of The Hairy Bikers Bakation. I really loved it and now want to go and bake lots (And I want to do it right now rather than sleep!).

I’ve found out that they are going on tour later this year and so have emailed a link to my Mum to see if she wants to go to see them live. I imagine that she might say yes as she does like their TV shows too but I guess it depends what she’s got booked in her diary already for the end of this year.

Anyway I am going to go to bed now and try to sleep hopefully it’ll be right through to tomorrow morning. Got to give my presentation/training tomorrow – it’s not time to be poorly!

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