100 Word Challenge: Week 12 and 13

100 Word Challenge: Week 12

I can do the story challenge easily – I just let my imagination let rip and then cut out the words to get it back down to 100 words – this week’s challenge is to write it like a news story as it if it had appeared in the paper – well this might be a challenge!

Once again Euro meltdown fear has struck the Greek economy as concerns are raised over whether or not they will be able to make their repayments on their loans. The German government are considering a further bail out for the Greek people. However the Greeks do need to make active moves towards adjusting the national spending to work towards being able to make their repayments. Had it been a mortgage, they would have had their house repossessed however as nation they seem to able to borrow and borrow on a limiteless overdraft, however it’s the Greek people who will suffer.

100 Word Challenge: Week 13

“Here’s Jayne with the travel” Jayne still couldn’t believe that in all the time she had been doing the travel reports on national radio she was going to have to explain that the roads were closed for snow in June.

“The M1 is closed between Junction 14 for Newport Pagnell and Junction 27 for Mansfield. It’s it’s a similar situation on the the A1 from Black Cat heading Northbound towards Leicester and Nottingham. This is due to the unseasonal weather. The Highways Agency are once again insisting that you should only travel if it’s absolutely necessary. Back to you, Steve.”


  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    Two good pieces here Hannah. Well done for getting the journalistic style in the 1st piece.

    The second piece is my favourite though. The situation, and Jayne’s reporting style are completely convincing.

    • Hannie says:

      Hey SJ!!

      Thank you 🙂 I preferred the second one as well! The first one was actually really kinda hard – I don’t think the whole journalism thing is me! Let me write stories again!

  2. Gill Robins says:

    No 13 made me laugh out loud, because on Saturday, whilst the temperature was just below 30 degrees, the gritting lorries where I live in Hampshire were out gritting the roads. A spokesman for the Council said that it was good to be safe and we didn’t want to get caught unawares again this year.

    A funny angle!

    • Hannie says:

      That’s crazy! Then the council will be going on in a few weeks about how they don’t have enough grit to make the roads safe.

      Me and my manager left work at the same time the other day and we were talking about the weather – he said he was so excited about it being forecasted to snow in a few weeks, I pointed out that if it does snow it’ll be okay for him to work at home (he lives like 30 miles away and can sign in over the web) but I need like 2 foot of snow to be able to prove that it’s not safe for me to drive to work and it’s too deep for me to walk the 3 miles to work lol.

    • Hannie says:

      I thought it was an interesting twist on the prompt – I figured most people would be writing about how warm it had been so I flipped it on it’s head 🙂

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Julia! Thank you for the comment – I’m not an AA Person lol. I live near the Newport Pagnell junction and my best friend lives near the Mansfield/Nottingham junction so it was easy to throw them into the story 🙂 (But yeah I secretly wish I read the traffic on a national radio station hehe)

    • Hannie says:

      It arrived yesterday!!! Woot woot! Was slightly different colour than I expected (I thought it was blue but it’s closer to a greeny-grey colour but I don’t mind!)

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