100 Word Challenge: Week 24 (Part 2)

You can find the prompt here.

100 50/50 Word Challenge

So I chose Sally-Jayne‘s story to complete. Here is her first half.

He’d guessed as soon as she’d refused the wine, and he wasn’t as happy as she’d hoped he would be. Winter was usually her favourite season, but the snow was coming down so heavily now there was no way she could move the car. Awkward. Should she stay or walk?

So then I complete her story (like a game of Consequences):

She’d walked the conversation through in her mind. He’d scoop her up in his arms and be so happy, instead he sat there dumbfounded. His hand tightly around the glass. They had a plan and this ruined it.  From two to three that changed it all. She had to go.


You can find Part Three here.


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