119: Surprise!!!

At the end of last week me and my mum discussed about what I’d like to do for my birthday, well I had work so going out for tea would be good. We didn’t really discuss it but it’s a bit of a family tradition to go to the local Beefeater restaurant.

I was let out of work early (well 4:30 but then I had to stay and answer the phones for a few minutes so I left at 5. I got home and me and Our Sidekick hung out, first we did French Homework that Our Sidekick hadn’t done on Thursday (and should have!) we also did Biology revision about cells and their structures – he gave me a big hug and said thank you for helping him with his homework. I think he struggles with French because he’s not confident to speak it out loud. I think he’s so used to being told off for doing something wrong that rather than take a chance and risk being corrected he’d rather not answer at all – which is a real shame. I don’t mind helping him with his homework. Foreign Languages was one of my favourites at school so I don’t mind helping at all. Following the homework we played Lego Star Wars and waited for Chris to get home from work.

Other than the minor issues with the homework, me and Our Sidekick had a lovely time hanging out and playing computer games – I’m not very good at it and tend to get a bit wound up but we were doing okay and managed to complete a few levels and beat a boss that Our Sidekick hadn’t been able to do by himself.

When Chris got in he said how he needed to go to The Fountain on the way to dinner because he’d forgotten some bits and they needed to be collected before dinner as one of the bits needed to go to my Mum. That’s no problem – we’ll just leave a little earlier as it involves going into town and then coming back towards our house to go to the restaurant.

I got a phone call from my Second Mummy asking if I was dropping Our Sidekick off at church for Rock Solid as she’d hang around and wait for me. Well I wasn’t going to be there but it’s kind of on the way to town so we’d leave in the next few minutes and go to the church but wouldn’t stop for long. I encouraged Chris and Our Sidekick to get ready and we headed off.

We got to church and Chris pulled the car onto the driveways in front of the garages near church. I jumped out and popped into church and there was my Second Mummy, her and our friend sung Happy Birthday to me really loud and gave me a massive hug. I then got a bonus hug from Princess Nat who had been dropped off for the youth group as well.

I went back out to the car and my Second Mummy came to say hi to Chris and Our Sidekick and then headed off. We drove into town and pulled up behind the back door at The Fountain. I jumped out the car and opened the gates then headed inside to collect Chris’s bits. He turned the car round and pulled into the yard behind the building. I popped through the kitchen and headed upstairs – we were on a time limit – in my brain we had about twenty minutes to get Chris’s bits and then head back to the Marina to get to the Beefeater to meet my family.

I went upstairs and opened the door, I took one step into the room and was about to look for the light switch when I noticed something stuck across the window at the far end of the room (you look out over the bus station). I took another step and could see two faces looking back at me – I was like “What? Why are there people here?” I took another step forward to ask what they were doing here and how they got in, when my brother, mum and dad and a bunch of my friends all jumped up and shouted surprise. There was like a moment of realisiation – I looked round the room and saw my friends and family was like “oh look, there’s Grandma, Grandad and Rich” what are they doing here?!

It was so amazing. One of the funniest parts was as I got there. I’d decided that while I was in the office getting Chris’s bits I’d nip to the loo. Well course everyone shouted surprise at me and I replied with “Oh Wow! Thank you! I’m super grateful but I REALLY NEED TO PEE!!!” followed by me trying to get to the door to go upstairs to the toilets. In the mean time, everyone wanted to hug me and wish me happy birthday lol.

I came downstairs and sat with my Lil Sis, she was sat all on her own playing with her phone and I got the feeling she kind of didn’t want to be there. She was okay just happy sat on her own so I pottered around and said hello to all the other people who were there. I took a look at my cake and was just floored. This is the amazing cake that Bex made for me – have you every seen something so cool?! It’s got like marbled icing on it. It’s just awesome!

Birthday Cake by Becca

I went back to sit with Lil Sis again and was given some presents. I’m never sure of etiquette – are you supposed to wait until you get home or open them at the party? Well it was all chilled out and I was chatting away to people so I sat there and opened my presents. Some were funny like the packet of oreos from Lil Sis, some were really me like the headband/scarf and necklace from Libs and some were just seriously cool and imaginative like the pizza cake that Lil Sis made for me. (Every time we hang out we end up having pizza whether it’s at the restaurant before going to the cinema or ordering in and watching a DVD).

I’m glad I opened my present from Libs while I was there – I wore the sparkly headband/scarf in my hair and put the necklace she gave me round my neck – it was so cool – it totally went with what I was wearing as well.

JD had wanted to come but she had her youth group first (She goes to a different church to me) but appeared shortly after the youth group finished. The card that she gave me had Hello Kitty on it and inside it were these stickers. I’ve stuck the one with Hello Kitty on the phone to my MacBook (I’ve started collecting stickers and stickerbombing it after I sticker bombed my phone case – and then wrecked the paint on it)

The issue with having a surprise party is that you don’t go armed with your camera. I had my phone with me and could take some of the pictures but I missed out the best bits – like the surprise reveal lol. My Mum took a bunch of pictures but alot of them were blurry – I’m hoping that my brother has some on his phone.


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