not a #30daysoflists post…….


It’s doesn’t technically fit in with #30DaysofLists as it’s not one of the official prompts but while we’re making lists I wanted to share some of my favourite tunes at the moment.

First up I have a Medley from Danni’s new album called A Little Redemption. I used to be at school with Danni and loved listening to her sing then – now I can be really biased and listen to her album (erm lots!). I really like Hey There, Sunshine – it’s upbeat and friendly and I can imagine singing along really loud on a road trip or something like that.

Next up we have To The Broken and The Shattered by my friend Marc. He’s a really cool worship leader who happens to look like Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. There’s actually more of a story to that comment – the youth were encouraged to come to the members meeting before we voted in Marc as our new youth leader at RP. One of the lads was sat behind me and it was the first time I had met Marc, I turned round to the lad and said “Oh I get it now – he really does look like Dave Grohl!!”. Anyway, this song was written by Marc and Carl Tuttle, my gorgeous friend Esther and her amazing sister Eunice sing backing vocals.

This one has been on my hard drive for a while but not made it onto my phone. Josh Garrells was reccomended over on Today’s Letters. It’s got something quite country about it but with a sprinkling of Jack Johnson or something like that. As quoted on his Bandcamp page ” I wanted new music to listen to- something Godly that wasn’t cheesy. Here it is. Uplifting, sobbingly beautiful, inspiring. I am so grateful. Favorite track: Rise.” My favourite is Beyond The Blue.

Somehow I stumbled across Chantilly’s blog a while back and when she released her EP, I had a listen and fell in love. I love all the songs and can quite happily have her album on repeat! What You Do To Me and Just The Way You Are, are two of my favourites. (If I could get the chord charts I’d love to play them at Open Mic)

Are there any you can recommend to me?

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