One Night in erm well MK?

Today was sooooo cool. So yesterday Linus and Jo arrived from Shanghai which was cool. It was decided that us girlies in the office would go out with Jo and show her how we do Christmas. Originally we were going to go to see Bedford Christmas Lights be switched on but we decided town would be too packed and it would be kinda rubbish. Then it changed to going to MK and wandering round the shops, we then found that the shops in the centre don’t open for Christmas shopping on a Wednesday. So then it changed to going to Xscape and wandering round there grabbing some food and maybe going Bowling or something.

So after work I dropped Jo back at her hotel. We’d chatted on the way back into Bedford about what it’s like to live in Shanghai and how busy it is. I found out that she’s an only child and she ended up living in Shanghai as she went to university there. Some of her friends came over to England to study at Uni rather than staying in China. I then came home, washed my hair at high speed (I swear it gets greasier quicker now) and got changed out of my work uniform. I then picked up Abby and Jo and we headed for MK. Me and Abby chatted for Britain on the way – which is good as we don’t really get much time to chat at work and we dont get like lunch break at the same time so it’s not like we can get to know each other then, I felt kinda bad that we didn’t include Jo more but when we tried it was a little bit of a struggle. We went and waiting in the middle of Xscape for the other girls to arrive. Theres currently a board about the Re-Generation project that is happening in MK, this was good as there was a map and we could show Jo where we would have gone if we had gone shopping. We chatted about our families and what we enjoyed doing. We met the other girlies at Xscape and went for a drink in the City Limits bar upstairs near the cinema. This was great fun as we got to know each other better – me and Abby only started last week so it was a bit like a trial run before the Christmas party in December which was cool.

Tea was lovely – we went to Frankie and Benny’s which I love! lol. I had a Bacon Cheese Burger which was very nice but sooooo filling – I really fancied a pudding but I was really worried I wouldn’t concentrate on driving as I felt so stuffed. We were going to go Bowling after dinner but Jo decided she would like to head back to Bedford – I think the jet lag has her up at peculiar times. China is I think about 9ish hours in front of something like that – so it’s 10pm here and it feels like 4am or something like that – so a bit like when you go to America but the other way and because it’s just a short trip by the time she has got used to the time difference it’s time to go home and she’ll be on a different time zone again. It would be nice to stay in touch, I think!

The company I work for also has an office in Italy – maybe I need to see if I can do some kind of exchange to see how their office works lol. I can just about get by in Italian – I can borrow my dicitionary back off Tubi if needs be lol. I think she would understand lol.

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  1. God's Rock Angel says:

    I think it could be because it’s either too warm or too cold – so I wrap up warm expecting it to be cold and then it’s hot and i dress for warm office and it’s cold.

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