162: Crocheting Away

Anyone notice how this post was just a title for a little while – oops!

Anyway here is the post. Why is it you get inspiration at 23:56 when you should be asleep!!! (but are also addicted to crochet so want to finish the square you’re on!!)

Look what I made :) so chuffed!!

For years I’ve been trying to learn to crochet – most of the time I admit defeat and decide that no matter how much I try clearly I wasn’t created to crochet. Well how wrong can a girl be!!

Me and Our Sidekick popped by my Mum and Dad’s house last weekend (I think it was Bank Holiday Monday) and ended up staying a little longer than intended while I was there Mum was showing me the flowers that she’d been crocheting. Her friend Kathy had been writing instructions and mum was being her guinea pig.

Well I asked mum “how easy is it?” and that was that. While we had Ben-Hur playing in the background (my Dad was watching it and we all got sucked into it!) my Mum taught me how to make the flower well I got hooked! I came home and with a crochet hook she let me I started making lots of flowers.

By about Thursday or Friday I decided that if I could flowers what else could I do. Well I’d heard my friend Becca tweeting about the granny squares that she was making into a blanket (as part of her 30 before 30 list), so I went off to find a pattern for a granny square – it couldn’t be that hard.

I started with the pattern and by Saturday had finished a whole square off (I cast(ed) it off and had to show my Mum on the way to town – I was too excited). She gave me some pointers like to treble instead of double (or something like that – I knew what she meant!) and to chain in different places and I was off! I’ve made 5 squares now and I’m off to make some more tomorrow after work (or maybe while I eat lunch). My first of these five isn’t quite the right dimensions so I might try and make another three dodgy sized ones and use them on the middle of the blanket or I’ll undo it and try again as it should have enough yarn to redo without chains stitches and other bits.

Either way I can crochet and I’m stupidly proud of the fact!! I was even asked by a teenager girl in The Fountain on Saturday what I was doing (and she seemed pretty interested).

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  1. Angie says:

    Completely fabulous 🙂 I need to learn how to crochet before my holiday in July, Mum should run some classes 😉 xxx

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