188: 15 Day Challenge – July 6th


Joining with Sarah from Life of Love for the 15 Day Challenge.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Why not?

Storm chasing. When I was younger I used to watch lots of documentaries about storms and crazy weather and things like that. My Dad used to watch a lot of them with me too. I almost bought a DVD box set in town the other day – it was a box set of Raging Planet episodes so it was volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes etc. And I was glued reading the back of the box. Chris asked had I watched all his Planet Earth DVDs. Clearly you can’t really storm chase in the UK and the idea of immigrating to the US is super scary (Although not impossible if they’ll have me!). Then again I probably don’t have the relevant experience to be a storm chaser – will just have to stick at looking at the pictures on The Face of a Storm for now (You’ll have to go and look at her pictures – they are amazing!) . You can go on holiday tours of sorts which involve storm chasing but social services might not approve of Our Sidekick coming with us.

A more realistic thing that I haven’t done but always wanted to was to run something like a 5k or 10k, I kinda hate running but I think it’s mainly linked to the fact that my asthma holds me back a bit (I know probably no excuse and I just need to get my butt in gear!) bungee or parachute jump, I think parachute might be better as I could do a tandem but I think part of me wouldn’t trust the person I was jumping with to pull the cord – either that or I’d freak out in the plane and then they’d have to push me out or something lol.


    • Hannie says:

      I have a similar app on my phone that I’m pretending to start but keep coming up with excuses then again it’s only 5 days since I did the 5K walk for Race for Life/Cancer Research so I can have a week off and then start – in theory anyway!

  1. Jessica says:

    I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was younger. The funny thing about it is that tornadoes scare the crap outta me. It was still something I wanted to do. Looks fun to me still today.

    Also, running a 5k is on my 101 in 1001 Days list. Right now I’m moving in the opposite direction to be honest. However, it’s still something that I REALLY want to do one day.

    {Sugar in My Grits}

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