196: 15 Day Challenge – July 14th


Joining with Sarah from Life of Love for the 15 Day Challenge.

If You were only allowed to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what it be and why?

If you ask my mum she might say the same. My choice would be The American President. It stars Michael Douglas as the President, Martin Sheen as his Chief of Staff and Annette Benning as Sydney Ellen Wade.

It’s not dramatic and saving the world in an Independence Day but I love it all the same. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin who wrote The West Wing amongst other things. (Have you been watching his new series. My mum is recording it for me.)

The summary from IMDB goes like this:

In the film, President Andrew Shepherd (Douglas) is a widower who pursues a relationship with attractive environmental lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (Bening) – who has just moved to Washington, D.C. – while at the same time attempting to win the passage of a crime control bill.

The way Shepherd and Wade meet is really funny as Wade is ranting about how the President doesn’t get what’s going on just as he walks in behind her and she starts grovelling about how sorry she is, but even before this she sticks up for the security guard at the gatehouse when her colleague thinks he’s stupid.

Wade is super nervous about being at The White House (who can blame her!) and she just gets really rambly and says how she’s “savouring the Capra-esque quality”. Her colleague is like “he has no idea so Capra is”. The Security guard then turns round and is like “Yeah, I do, Frank Capra, great American Director — it’s a Wonderful Life, Mr Smith Goes to Washington (pause) Miss Sydney Ellen Wade of Virginia, knock ’em dead” and each time I watch it on my own I shout “haha in your face!” at the colleague who clearly thinks she’s more important or something.

Theres this amazing speech at the end that both me and my Mum love. I’ve posted it at least once if not twice in the past so I will just post a link to that post.

I love this film, I can’t say exactly but I love it. It’s got romance and controversy. It’s got that West Wing feel that is just good clearly I like Aaron Sorkin’s style as I love The West Wing (i have the box set on DVD lol).

If you love a good chick flick I really think you’ll like it.

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