198: I’m Moving


So you have to think a bit lateral and out of the box for the picture to make sense – get it?

My blog as been here at this URL for a few incarnations but when it was called Journal of a Rock Angel it made sense. But now it’s nothing to do with rocking out and it was about time for a change. From now on my blog will be over at Hannah Says. I’m working on tweaking the design and things but that’s going to take a little while (as I need Chris’s help and so my requests fit around the day jobs).

Also normal service regarding normal posts instead of 15 Day Challenge posts should resume shortly too.

EDIT: I realised that it might not that be clear if you read via an rss reader you will need to change the rss feed URL to http://www.hanplans.co.uk/feed/ that should move it over.


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