200: I Think We Were on Plan Z

Today didn’t exactly go to plan. It started with Our Sidekick coming in and saying that he still didn’t feel great could he go back to bed rather than going to school. Well I had to be a meany Foster Mum and do what my Mum did to be on several occasions.

“Go to school and give it a try. If you feel really bad then go to the office and we’ll sort out you getting home”

Well clearly this is one of those things we need to plan out a bit better because Our Sidekick has an 100% attendance this year so we haven’t had to think about “what to do when he’s off sick”. I had a call from Chris at about 9:45 and it snowballed from there. Because some of the parental responsibility bits aren’t 100% clear at the moment often you have to be over cautious. For example taking Our Sidekick to the doctors with cold symptoms to makes sure that is what it is and has medication prescribed officially so that it wasn’t just us “self-diagnosing”.

Thankfully we saw the prescribing nurse who I see for my Asthma Clinic appointments and things like that so she was lovely and understating saying that he’d had a call fro the school and Ryan was Well I managed to sort some bits to do when I got home that would feel some time. I then spoke via IM when I got home to my manager and we worked out that I’d work until lunchtime and then my afternoon would be off as holiday.

I was looking for a picture to show “feeling ill” – I then found a picture of blue pasta (Awesome idea! Has to be tried!) and then found this one of the Northern Lights taken earlier this week!

Northern Lights - 16-07-2012 #1
This is one of those bucket list moments – to see the Northern Lights. One day I hope to see them but I’m not sure if I will. I wouldn’t have expected to see them in the summer in Scotland though but apparently it happens (Especially with the crazy weather we’ve been having here in the UK recently!)

Following the doctors we headed home and Our Sidekick curled up in front of the TV wrapped up in the duvet. I sat at the other end of the sofa and got on with some work bits. I chatted to my Manager via IM and we came up with a plan. I texted JD to see if she could look after Our Sidekick while I went back to work but she was busy so I ended up having the rest of the day off (We worked out that with the stuff I’d brought home with me it would work out roughly as a morning of work so I’d take off the afternoon as holiday). At about 6pm having sat in front of the TV or computer pretty much all day I ended up curling up at the end of the sofa and having a ten minute nap – this was all it was my phone started ringing – I completely didn’t clock it at first and Our Sidekick said “Your phone is ringing answer it!”.

This evening we then had Connect Group at our house and we looked at the first three chapters of 1 Samuel.

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