205: Life According to Instagram

Partially Inspired by Freckled Italian.

Left over white hot chocolate with normal hot chocolate. Yum. #typoinsta #hotchocolate #thefountain

I love this song!!! Aaaaahhh!!! And I was singing it to myself and got laughed at but it's all good lol.

FB has managed to pick up a picture that isn't my normal one. I'm not even sure it's mine lol.

This place was part of my childhood.

@thecgbj sent me a picture of my mail. I have a letter from Australia!! So exciting!! #typoinsta

Watching the #riverfestival fireworks - from the school gates!!

1. Me and Bex were at The Fountain for the work evening on Saturday and we made an accidental yummy creation. Bex had made a white hot chocolate and there was some left over so I had the rest. There was then some normal milk hot chocolate left over so Bex poured it in the top and we’d got like a marble hot chocolate – okay under the foam it had all mixed together but on top it looked really arty and funky. We tried to re-create it on Monday but it wasn’t as good but still yummy!

2. On Sunday I played Bass with The Stinx at The Salvation Army here in Bedford. We played “If I Were A Butterfly” which was one of my favourite children’s worship songs when I was at Sunday School (as well as “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam”). It was a definite new experience for me – I’ve been to services at The Salvation Army before but they’ve always been special services with lots of other churches there rather than a Salvation Army service. There were two kids who were pledging/making a promise to become a Junior Soldier (or something like that). It was really interesting – I guess it’s similar to a testimony at a baptism in the sense that you stand up the front and make a public proclamation of your faith.

3. Also on Sunday for some crazy reason FB kept picking up the wrong picture to go with the names so this picture kept coming up next to my name – I’m sure it’s a fab picture but it’s just not mine lol.

It carried on for most of the day so looked really funny when a guy’s name would come up with a picture of a girl or the other way round.

4. Last week it was my Grandma’s birthday. I’d have probably gone to the supermarket normally and just gone with flowers and a card instead I worked out that it was just as quick and more locally responsible of me if I drove out to Pell’s which is on the Wilden Road between Renhold and Wilden.

When I was younger, my brother and I would go stay with Grandma and Grandad for 2.5 days. So one would get Monday to Wednesday lunchtime and then the other one would get Wednesday lunchtime to Friday Evening. If you got the start of the week then it was be green grocery day. So we’d go to Pell’s and get the fruit and eggs and things like that. It’s change loads since I last went but it was nice to be able to support them and then go and see Grandma to wish her Happy Birthday.

5. On Friday Chris texted me the picture (with out the speech bubble). I’d got exciting mail from Sorcha in Australia. Did a little dance and everything!! Got to reply while I’m off work this week.

6. This weekend was the River Festival. Having spend all charging from one thing to the next for us we decided that we’d take Ryan to see the fireworks. He’d asked about it and although me and Chris were both really shattered (and worn out from the heat – but at least it didn’t rain!!) we tried to find somewhere to park to watch the fireworks. We drove over the river and got a proper amazing view but couldn’t park up. We then pulled into the road that leads to our friends house but technically the bit she lives on is a private road. In the end we parked in the gateway of the Girls School – we figured access wouldn’t be needed but we were with the car so could move if needed. I managed to snap some pictures on my phone but spent more time dancing to the accompanying music that was being relayed by the local urban music station.

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