219: Dear Monday

Dear Monday

Dear Monday, you’re here again – at least it’s a short week – 1 day down 2 to go.

Dear Hels, you asked me to organise games for your Baby shower – I hope you enjoyed them. I had meant to take pictures of the baby grows but my phone was broken.

Dear Baby C, I met you for the first time on Saturday and the second time on Sunday, the crown of cutest baby has transferred to you but it might be passed onto Hel’s baby in a few weeks so enjoy it! (Kidding I’m sure you would both be stupidly cute and adorable for a whole bunch of time yet!). I got a proper hug from you on Sunday. I’m not sure you were that happy but when I passed you to O you snuggled up in his arms like you belonged there or something.

Dear Park Run, I think you kicked my butt but I came in just over 51 minutes so that made me like 134th overall although 6th in my age group sounds so much better (althought I was 6th out of 6!). I am still aching now and it’s two days later – then again it probably didn’t help trying to run the 100m yesterday as fast as I could.

Dear Our Sidekick, we ate our tea and watched the athletics on the big screen at the athletics stadium. I was all excited to try and race you on the track so I ran the 100m while you timed me then we swapped over. You were 11 seconds faster than me but you were kind of gutted that it was over 15 seconds. I was still impressed that you could run 100m in 17 seconds!

Dear Chris, it was your birthday yesterday – how does it feel to be 27 years and 1 day?

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