221: This Week

This week....This should be a good week. Okay so it didn’t start on a good note but I am determined that by the end of the week it will be a good week. It is positive thinking and all that.

So today is my last day of work for this week. Tomorrow I’m helping set up for holiday club and hopefully meeting my friend’s little boy for the first time – rather than by photos on FB. Then on Friday I’m going to be blowing up balloons and decorating the marquee ready for my Mum’s birthday party. It’s going to be awesome!

At some point during all that I should hopefully be getting my iPhone back. Hooray! (Have I told you the story of how it got shattered on Saturday and I nearly cried. I was having a bad morning and it went from bad to worse. Thankfully one of my Mum’s clients is an IT Technician person for his day job and apparently knows his way round an iPhone and can fix the screens, so that fixed the bad day at least a little bit).

I spent Monday night tidying Our Sidekick’s room, his house keys have been abducted by the key fairies again but this time they have gone completely. I have no idea where they are. As a sort of punishment he’s got to hang out with Chris all day at the Fountain rather than go and hang with his friends.

I then watched Hart of Dixie, I’m really loving it, Rachel Bilson is cool but Lemon (Jaime King) is kind of getting on my nerves. I love the whole Southern Belle thing but she’s a bit of a drama queen and is 98% of the time complaining about whatever is happening. Also I think we’re heading towards the end of Season One which means there will be some kind of break or hiatus heading our way. I guess it’s a good thing that Doctor Who is back on in a few weeks (have you seen the trailer? Me and my brother were having a whole discussion about Weeping Angels the other day)

Me and Our Sidekick then hung out and watched 17 Again while he combed his hair – the problem with an afro like his is that it needs combing everyday without fail other wise it bunches together and he begins to look like Marley’s grandkid or something like that. He likes the idea of braids but if he wants them he needs to speak to the social worker and his Mum which seems to be easier said than done.


    • Hannie says:

      I watched “Snowflakes and Soulmates” this week. It was sad and sweet in places. You should catch up it’s getting very interesting.

    • Hannie says:

      I am so glad that it’s getting fixed – I never realised quite how much I relied on it lol. There were raindrops caught in the spiderwebs on the bush outside work – it looked so pretty and spooky but could I take a picture – nope because I would have used my phone. Was I picking up Our Sidekick today – well I couldn’t text Chris because I had no phone so had to call him from the desk phone at work lol. Bring back my phone!!! lol.

      Otterbox look good – Chris has a brick of a phone case that protects his but I struggle to type with it because of how it fits around the screen and the fact that it has a cover thing for the camera which flicks back over the lens if you don’t hold it back. Might see if there is a distributor of Otterboxes in the UK – hopefully I can try before I buy kind of thing.

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