24/7 Scavenger Hunt

So today was our annual (or termly I can never remember) Scavenger Hunt. It was great fun. Last Year Me, Lilliput and Xtina won against the whole of the youth group. This year on the other hand was different, it’s half term at the moment so some people are on holiday or busy or working.

So we had ten people and went for two teams (originally teams were meant to be 4’s but it made more sense to extend this to two teams of five). I decided that I would join in.

I came second!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, so against two teams of 5, Team Hannah came second! lol

It was funny thought standing down Goldington Road, trying to take my picture including different signs, postbox, traffic lights or different bits.

Then I had to go and get different ideas – I was given a slight advantage as I had my bike whereas everyone else had to do it on foot (but I didn’t have a bike lock so I still couldn’t do some of the items). Will post some of my random photos when I have managed to get my phone to talk to my laptop – it keeps having the hiccups lol.

I got back to the church at 4ish (we started at 3pm and I had nearly finished what I could do so headed back to the church (and home!). I went with Chris to Lidl, so that we could get pizzas for the youth group – It’s always so busy in there – they can have all 5 tills open and still it would be heaving. Actually come to think of it Tescos have something like 40 tills and yet they still have massive queues sometimes.

Anyway so I go off to Lidls and come back, get my last few bits together and put them in the Creche so that Chris can mark sheets and make sure that the piles don’t get messed up.

Chris asked me to cook the Pizzas, chips and garlic bread for the young people – which was easier said that done I kept catching my fingers on the doors or the hot trays. My fingers don’t hurt as much now but when I came home about 7ish they were really sore.

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