261: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Chris, we’ve had disagreements this weekend but Saturday night’s mammoth chat unwrinkled some of them and will hopefully sort out the rest in time which is good. Thank you.

Dear Our Sidekick, we’re off to the dentist this afternoon – have you been cleaning your teeth?

Dear Colleagues, thank you for making my morning. Had it been any of you lot I would have probably done exactly the same.


Dear Lady who reversed into my car, I’m still not 100% sure how you couldn’t see my car while reversing out of your driveway – it’s mean and green you can’t miss it. Well clearly you really can’t miss it.

Dear JD, you start your new job tomorrow and I am stupidly excited for you! It’s about time too! Stupid economy meaning getting new jobs is super hard grr!

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