30 Days of Lists: Day 13

List Thirteen: Things I Do To Procratinate

List Thirteen: Things I Do To Procrastinate

I’m like an overachiever when it comes to procrastinating – oh look the washing needs to be done – I know I’ll reclassify all those posts that are under “Stuff To Sort” rather than do the washing. I tried to remedy this by throwing out alot of socks so that I had to do the washing so I had clean socks. It kinda half works – well at the moment it’s kinda not working because I wear my flip flops instead lol. Hopefully when it gets colder it’ll then make a difference! When I was writing my dissertation at uni, I was packing to move out of my parents house and into the house with Chris as well – I think I did more packing when I should have been writing about Shakespeare and teaching his plays in schools! Then again had I not had the essay to be writing I would have been avoiding packing boxes by tidying my room or going out.

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