30 Days of Lists: Day 30


Day 30

30 Days of Lists: Day 30

Today is the last day of 30 Days of Lists, kinda sad in a way about it but also excited because that means April is just round the corner and another 30 day challenge is starting (yes as if one wasn’t enough). You can partially blame it on The Daily Post – the interweb challenge to blog everyday for the whole of 2011 – I’ve already partially failed as I missed some days in January but I figure 95% or above is classed as a pass. That is 347 out of the 365 days – that’s alot of blogging.

The prompt for today is Today’s To Do list.

1. Update 24 Before I’m 25 list (completed items)
2. Finish washing (unload machine, load dryer)
3. Finish last two squares of @fancybiscuit‘s blanket
4. Write to Becca S
5. Write Bond 2 + 3 reviews
6. Write Cinema Paradiso review (DVD rental service not the actual film)

When I took the picture, I’d done number 6 – this was emailed off to the people who had comissioned the review because I wanted to check some stuff over with them – at the moment I’m waiting for the CEO to get back to me – my issues were that bad it would seem lol.

That was the only one that was done at that point.

EDIT: By the time I went to bed last night, Number 1 was in progress – I finished it at lunchtime (Well in the amount of break that I got today), Number 2 didn’t happen, Number 3 I’d finished one square and number 2 had been cast on – hopefully I should be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow – then go ask my Mum on Saturday to help me sew them all together – then get it into the mail early next week. Number 4 – I had started but again didn’t finish. Number 5 – Didn’t happen.

So all in all probably not that productive but the fact that I got Number 3 almost out of the way was good.

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