323: Dear Monday/This Weekend I….

Hey there. Did you miss me? Having worked 6 days instead of 5 two weeks ago because we had extra training all the chores and jobs etc got queued up back into last week which meant that anything that was unnecessary got pushed to the bottom for the list. Unfortunately that meant that blogging was further down the list too.

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Monday… this week you bring 5 days off work. Yay! I need to get my brain in gear.

Dear Monday… someone commented on Children in Need that it was almost five weeks to Christmas. Normally I’m more organised. At current I have two presents sorted. I might have to sit with my iPad and order presents ready for delivery on our return.

Dear Chris… thank you for doing the first leg of the driving yesterday. I’m not sure where the headache came from and where it went but thankfully by 11:30ish it had gone.

Dear Little Sis… you had a rowing competition….sorry head yesterday. I’m not sure why it’s called a head especially as that’s a name for the toilet on a ship maybe you can explain it to me at some point.

Dear Chris…(because you get two letters à la Today’s Letters You also sorted out some mix CDs for the car. We listened to worship music first. There was a song about God using different situations to show his glory and make us stronger and better people. And to remember how blessed we are. Thank you for reminding me how amazing God is and how much he loves me and thinks I’m fab even when I don’t believe it myself. I love you.

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… had a really lazy Saturday. I woke up about 8am when Chris left for work. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I started watching the next episode of Hunted followed by Part One of Children in Need. At some point, Our Sidekick came in and told me that I should have a chilled day as I spend so much time doing chores etc. The thought was there and I did appreciate it but I still ended up doing like five hours of chores in the evening.

This Weekend I… well we took it in turns to drive to Scotland. More to follow when we find wifi or mobile signal as our campsite is in a hole. Then again it’s virtually on the beach!

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