364: Resolutions and Goals

Each year people make resolutions. They decide to quit smoking, to stop biting their nails, to drink less alcohol (usually while under the influence of a NYE hangover) or they decide to loose those stubborn ten pounds that won’t go away.

But what about me? Well I don’t make resolutions. I hated that first post-Christmas English lesson when the teacher decides that it’s a great idea to get people to write resolutions, mainly because I broke them within the first week. Give up chocolate – well I think my upper school diet consisted of chocolate and cheese toastie pizza things from the canteen or the interesting attempt at a chicken burger. (Probably explains the start of my current waistline lol).

I imagine that if I had someone to physically drag me to the gym and refuse to let me out until I’d achieved that days goal then I’d be skinnier – no guarantee I’d be happier but we can put the idea out there – could I be skinnier and happier? Yes more than likely I could but id have to quit eating junk, chocolate and cake.

Last January I kind of gave in and set a goal rather than a resolution. I love reading but needed a goal or a deadline to achieve something other wise I end up with 20 books on the go and none completely read. I challenge myself to read a classic and get bored and go back to other “newer” writers.

Well it’s the 29th December. I’m on book 27 of 30 and I’m writing this blog post rather than getting on reading. I know I know. I won’t achieve a goal by procrastinating doing something else but I seem to have become the worst person at achieving goals and the best at procrastination. Why focus on a task 100% when I can multitask and have no focus.

Now Reading (Book 1 - 24ish to go!) #2012 #nowreading

So yeah I am kicking myself in the butt I scheduling this for a Saturday which is uncharacteristic of me in the hope that you my lovely reader will come out of the woodwork and tell me that I can do it. I just have to focus and maybe you can tell me about the goal that I can kick you in the butt about. We can be butt kicking buddies together. So lets do it. Bring on book 27 – it’s The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien by the way. Let me know if you’ve read it too.


  1. Rickie J says:

    I don’t do resolutions either. I’m a big believer in if you want to change anything, just do it now! But January is the worse time, especially if you’re a big Christmas fan like me! Also, I don’t do NYE – hence me reading this now – but I love new years day. I love the start of something fresh, new and full of possibility.
    Think I read the hobbit when young but don’t particularly remember it. Enjoyed the film though. i have to get back to my 50 books (I give myself 2 weeks off!) a year habit too lost it this year with all the changes and being extra hectic.

    • Hannah says:

      I’m up to 28 books – 30 is just a little bit far away. I have two books in my handbag and a couple on my kindle app. If I could find a quiet corner at the party I might be able to read but that would be really anti-social. Then again I could download some short stories and read them – is that cheating? Then again as it is I’m playing on my phone while listening to the conversation in one ear lol.

  2. dearwatsonblog says:

    we have the exact same copy of ‘the hobbit’ in our home! i love the art and texture of the cover. we are both hoping to re-read the story before seeing the film in theatre but brian seems to be taking FORVER… maybe i’ll just read it while he is at work? 😉

    • Hannah says:

      Go ahead and start it. You can always stick two book marks in there and take it in turns to read. I ended up with two paper copies and a kindle version. Oops!

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