4th Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

4KCBWDAY2: A Mascot Project.

Your task today is to either think of or research a project that embodies that house/animal. It could be a knitting or crochet pattern – either of the animal itself or something that makes you think of the qualities of that house.

Alternatively it could be a type or colour of yarn, or a single button. Whatever you choose, decide upon a project and blog about how and why it relates to your house/creature.

Eek! Okay so knitting or crochet and bees – can’t be hard right!??! Let’s go…

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Found these – how cute are they! I would either need to make them big enough for my feet or make them for Dinky No 1 if/when that happens – then again I could make them for the Mini Fairy I’m sure she would love them. 🙂

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I love Amigurumi – I just wish that I could get the hang of it – I need to sit down and properly focus on it.

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Another Amigurumi to try


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