A Bad Day

I try to be positive and appreciate what I have but I do really need to rant. Now I get that there are people out there without jobs or with huge money worries – especially given the economic climate so I know that I am lucky that I have a job, food and a roof over my head but I am going crazy at the moment #firstworldproblems – right?

I thought I knew what my job was. I do x, y, and z and then know that I can go home knowing I achieved my goals for the day. Now after a little while people realised I knew my way round a computer like I knew my way round my hand – you had a question I would answer it or I’d pop off find an answer and come back to you so we can add it so the goals for the day were x, y, z and IT. Now occasionally other bits would be added – no problem we’ll squeeze them in post 3pm when the labels have been collected because that’s when my day quietens down again either that or I’d sort the query and then cram the rest in.

It all kinda changed when I gained a new colleague – that wasn’t a problem because we just jiggled stuff round and it all settled again. However this week it seems to have all been shaken up again. Now maybe I’m just on a downer anyway. I started the week being ill and I’m still not 100% now so maybe I’m just being grumpy following that – I know that Tuesday and Wednesday night I had like insomnia attacks or something because I didn’t really sleep and then by  the time I did it was closer to 2am then 12am. Also this morning I woke  up having had the craziest dream – I had a dream Chris fell in a huge hole and we were trying to get him out, we were struggling to get him out of the hole and then all of a sudden I was in our tent and he was all wrapped up in blankets and a sleeping bag and I was just sat there staring at him – at this point Chris then put his hand on my shoulder and told me it was time to wake up. I was super confused because I’d checked that my alarms were set before I went to bed lol.

We have a meeting at work tomorrow morning so I’m sure we can chat over stuff then hopefully. 
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