A Proper Post

At the moment my MacBook is working hard to upgrade my blog to the new WordPress that came out so I can’t properly post.

Here I am posting from my iPhone while it updates.

My first bullet point on my last post was about Kat @Tough Girl 101 and the advice she gave me. On KO Bloggers we were discussing how we promote ours blogs (and out of that there is a little review panel forming) and I asked about keeping a steady flow of traffic. I seem to go through stages where there are more visitors and then there are less. (I found if I use images from Google that somehow makes me more popular!!!)

Anyway from our conversation I was going to find an RSS button so it would be easier for you lovely readers to subscribe to me should the interest take you.

Point 2

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I had a funky picture all lined up to go in this bit but because I was having trouble with my iPhone app I couldn’t get it to upload properly so this is also a short post buy I will be back to edit and complete tomorrow.

Han =D

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