A Ramble

Well I tried to write a normal post but this was all that came out – hence why it’s a bit jumbled and doesn’t make sense lol.


How to start this post – I keep looking at the blank word document and can’t decide what to write – I think I know what I want to say but how to put it is another thing. I think I’m having one of those days – I wrote a tweet this morning and used the wrong your/you’re in my sentence which was really unusual for me because I’m normally there correcting everyone else.

The tweet was in the context that I’ve been following someone on Twitter – they are usually pretty friendly but because of the time difference when I get up in the morning they are at the end of their day and often their tweets have swearing in them – I wouldn’t mind but it’s unnecessary when 3 or 4 tweets in a row have swearing in it for no reason. Today I took that moment and I un-followed – pretty much as I was walking from my car to the office. I thought to myself “I can’t be done with your swearing – there is enough stress in life without extra from you”.

Now maybe I just started the day on a bad foot because I really didn’t sleep well (I don’t mind seeing 2am when I’m doing stuff or can have a lay in the following morning but when I’ve been in bed since about midnight I really don’t want to be laying there in the dark waiting for sleep to come. You know how you have those dreams where you’re not really asleep but at the same time you’re not awake. Well I had one of them and I think it was a combination of being tired, ill and just wanting to sleep that I came out with this crazy half dream – it’s always possible that this affected my mood too.

I think I also had a whole discussion with my inner monologue about whether writing my blog is actually worth the effort, whether I should give it up, how I get more readers and whether I should be writing because I want to write rather than because I want readers.

So as you can imagine I think my inner monologue was nice and chilled when I went to sleep because it no longer had me whinging and whining.

I got to work and was doing okay but then around 11am something happened that kinda threw me – I had mentioned to my manager last week (or was it the week before) that I wanted to go over what I do in my role because it’s kinda changed twice since February and will kinda change again by Christmas so I just want to make sure that I’m on the right track and that I am doing all that I should be doing and not missing stuff out by mistake (or because I think someone else has got it covered). Although it’s not been resolved totally there is a plan in the pipeline so that’s not so much of a worry just that it needs to get sorted eventually/hopefully.

Again this morning a drank another litre of Orange Juice – I’m pretty sure that it actually might not be healthy for me to have drunk 2 litres of juice in three days especially as I think it means I’m OD-ing on Vitamin C.

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