A Train Trip to London

So here we are sat on the 1254 train to Brighton. Except we’re not going to the seaside today.

After some hang out time in London CJ is then heading to Heathrow Terminal 4 to catch his “hairyplane” to India.

The ticket man just checked tickets so now CJ is telling me about stations without barriers.

He’s suitably excited this morning so I want to tell him to bring it down from a 12 to a 7 (if 10 was extremely excited!)

I think he’s running on adrenaline at the moment seeing as he was still packing at 2am this morning.

If you could catch a plane and to anywhere where would it be and why?

Mine would be Barcelona becuase it’s a beautiful city. I love Gaudi’s architecture, La Sangrada Famiglia is one of my favourite buildings

Next would be Kyoto in Japan – this is for the culture. I was given Strange Fruits for my birthday and it has loads of people who dress Harajuku style everyday. I wish I had the guts to do it. I have my little touches but nothing as major as those.

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