On Wednesday, I posted the Bloggers Wednesday post and Becca was my featured blogger. Well Becca went into labour and Baby Selah arrived!!! Baby Selah arrived at 11:53pm on the 10th December. She was 6lbs and 13oz. If you want to see a picture you can have a look at Becca’s blog here.

Next up, on Thursday I went to London with my Mum and Chris. We were going to the theatre but first headed to Camden, My Mum loved it – I thought she’d be creeped out but some of it but I think she saw it as an adventure! Rock on! We went to grab some dinner then walked to the theatre. We went to see The Lion King. It’s been on our “to go and see” list for ages and ages and we finally did it.

Then on Friday I was at work then in the evening I was going to see the South Oxhey Choir in concert in London. I was going with my friend and her Mum but the Mini Fairy was taken ill and so my friend had to cancel and her Mum felt she should stay home to help. So they gave me the spare tickets to see if I could find someone else to go. I sat from about 4 till about 5ish trying to find someone to go with me. In the end I went on my own which was a shame. I video-ed one of the songs but it was requested that all videos were taken down due to copy right and things like that.  🙁 I did however take this picture on my phone. I felt kinda bad – I was sat in the front row and kept taking pictures lol.

In Friday’s post there were the two journals for Swap-Bot and an amazon packet. I thought to myself “I don’t think I’m expecting any packages from Amazon” well I opened it and it was one of the books from my wish list – I read the packing list for the buyers address – it was a Christmas present from Robert aka Bobberdilly! (My penpal in the USA!) I’m so excited.

Yesterday we had two friends round for dinner so I spent the afternoon tidying up. I really struggled as my cold seems to have decided to come back round for a double whammy but I took some cold relief and made sure that I had plenty to drink, sat and watched Strictly from Friday night and then got on with the tidying – the sooner I was done the sooner I could finish. Well I finished about two minutes after our friends arrived (they arrived and I let them get comfy while I then charged upstairs to abandon some bits then finished tidying in the kitchen while getting drinks – I am not a domestic goddess lol)

We hung out and chatted while we waited for Chris to get home, he was on cooking duty as I was full of cold lol. Chris got home and cooked pasta bolognese thingy. It wasn’t quite spaghetti bolognese and wasn’t quite anything else lol.

Following dinner we sat around and chatted some more. Then when they left Chris copied up some bits for the rehearsal for today and I did some work on the journals I need to finish for Swap-Bot. Well my Christmas present gave me a whole bunch of inspiration and so I’ve been doodling people and buildings – some aren’t very good but I think they are getting better. I got inspiration from Marceline’s Blog post here. I love these posts she does – rather than having a What I Wore with a photo of herself she does one of these fab cartoon drawings.

Me....a doodle (colour)



    • Hannie says:

      It was – and some!

      I’ve been wanting to see it for years and years and finally got to see it. Chris kept telling me off for quoting it – I couldn’t help it given that the script is pretty much from the film.

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