April 22: Chocolate Tea Party

My lovely friend Lucy hosted a chocolate tea party to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust.

Having spent a chunk of the day working on the nursery I was ready for a chill out with friends. At one point it did cross my mind that staying home might be better for me but figured that a Chocolate Tea Party isn’t an every day occurrence.

I had meant to be really organised and make a cake or something to take with me but between the decorating and making sure that I spent time with Chris before we both went back to work, that sort of went out the window. I ended up cheating and at about 4pm went to the supermarket to get a cake (I ended up with two – I couldn’t decide and they both looked yummy – figured that Connect Group is back at our house on Wednesday so I can share it with them if there was cake left over.

My fab friend Liz made this cake – it was like chocolate brownies and then on the top/in the middle of each piece was half a Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

Liz's Creme Egg Cake

It was amazing – I imagine full of calories but I will just have to work extra hard to burn them off. Then again I’m wondering how long I can keep using the distance I walked last week as an excuse lol.

My Paint Splattered Socks

While sat at Lucy’s I caught a glimpse of my socks and realised that I had splattered watered down white paint all over my socks! I guess that’s a hazard when painting but that’s one wall prepped in the nursery. Oh yeah!

A few of us sat discussing eating a gluten free diet as my friend Anwyn is in the process of being diagnosed for Coeliac disease – although Chris hasn’t been diagnosed with this he has found that a gluten free diet does make him feel better so we were comparing notes – especially about food items that you don’t expect to have gluten in them but then it creeps in – like supermarket cola – why would there be barley malt in there?

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