A friend of mine sent me links to the images in this post, I’m loving the angel on the right above. They are all painted by a girlie called Agustina.

Agustine was born in La Plata in Argentina in 1984 and when she was 21 she moved to Paris.

From an early age she devoted herself to the visual arts. Getting a vast academic background in her home town, she discovered her passion for classic styles, including Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Then she joined surrealism, pop art, American hyperrealism and finally contemporary art.

Agustina exhibited in galleries, public and private institutions and integrates local and international art groups, including the Colectivo Tango and Arte sin Fronteras. Her painting has an eclectic aesthetic, integrating expressionism and figuration.

All the images in this post are for sale. If you get in touch with @wise_marketing or email me and we can sort things from there.

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