January 21: Baby J aka Blueberry: Weeks 7 to 12ish


This was all written over the last 16ish weeks. Some bits are a little fuzzy but they are there. This post is from Week Seven to Twelve.

Week Seven
(November 15th)
This week started with my mad day at BBC Radio 2 for Children in Need. On Saturday, I really wanted to stay in bed, I was really shattered. I got out of bed and ran some errands. This meant that by lunchtime on Saturday I was really flagging again. I had to have a tough conversation with a friend of mine and so add that to the tiredness and I really want to snuggle at home. I got in from church on Sunday and had a look through the clothes, some are really tiny and I can’t believe they actually fit a baby – then again a newborn is that small!

I keep referring to baby as Blueberry as at 7 weeks a baby is about that size. I texted Chris whole standing on the platform at Bedford Station saying “Blueberry says it’s cold!” I think he thinks I’m officially nuts but I think it’s funny (especially when I say “Goodnight Blueberry” while rubbing my tummy!)

Week Eight
(November 22nd)
This week has been harder, one of my colleagues has had a stinker of a cold and so as much as I don’t want to get sick I don’t want to offend him by moving desk or something like that to avoid him lol. I popped to the supermarket and grabbed him some cold relief and OJ on my way to work – I figured it he was going to drag himself into work as we had some important stuff to get on with the least I could do was to help some how. Hopefully he will be better soon and all these extra hormones will help me not to get sick!

People joke about your sense of smell being super sensitive but I thought they were kidding! I opened the fridge door earlier and nearly fell over – I’m sure there’s nothing bad in there but it was just a shock! My back has been hurting a little bit when I sit in one position for too long and things like that. I stood on the bathroom scales on Wednesday so see how I was doing in relation to weigh in at Slimming World, it looks like I’ve lost more weight, it’s only 2lbs but it’s still going the wrong way lol. I know I shouldn’t put on too much before Week 12 (or at least try and stay as normal as possible) but am I okay still losing weight or should I being eating more or differently? My question is then can I weight until I see the midwife for my booking appointment in two weeks or should I ask Lorraine at SW before then………dilemmas!!

Having said all that I stood on the scales at Slimming World on Thursday and had maintained. It’s kind of funny when you say well at least if I maintain then that’s a good week. According to my phone I am going the wrong way! I could have expected to gain between 1 and 3 pounds by this point and I’m losing them instead.

Week Nine
(November 29th)
I’m so glad that my Mum is in the Inner Circle who know at this point. On Friday after work we went to a new store that opened over at Interchange but as I had a Next voucher I went to have a look what they had in at the moment – especially as I’m still looking for a Christmas jumper for the 13th December. While we were in there we had a look at the baby clothes – we were both going gooey over the cute little girl dresses. I made a joke to my Mum that a little boy wouldn’t necessarily look so good in a dress – either that or he might get a complex! Then it got me thinking – is it possible to subconsciously know if you’re having a girl or a boy?

Right now hormones can go kiss my butt! This weekend I’ve spent more time in tears then happy I think. I’ve shouted at Chris which wasn’t that friendly. On some occasions there was something genuinely wrong and I reacted badly rather than being human and lovely and friendly trying to discuss it and at other points he’d not actually done anything wrong and I just lost the plot. I did google it and apparently the hormone craziness does calm down following 10 Weeks at least for a little while, so I am pleased that I’m not going to be a horrible angry monster for too much longer – hopefully it does calm down other wise I might just lock myself in the bedroom for weekends and then go back to work Monday morning and do my best to be friendly lol.

On the other hand I wrote a list of who we needed to tell family wise and I’m off to research annoucement cards – they aren’t really a birth annoucement as we’d be doing that in July when baby actually arrives but is it normal to send out an annoucement card when it’s like a “We’re pregnant” kind of moment? Any suggestions – of course I can’t ask people without giving it away! ISSUES!

Week Ten
(December 6th)
In the end I decided we would do an Announcement, I took a look on Pinterest for ideas and went from there. I created just a word document with the text on it. Chris then put his graphic design skills to my idea and came up with a fab plan. Can’t wait to get it all printed and see it all done.

Week Eleven
(December 13th)
I spoke to my midwife but my booking appointment – there’s a whole separate story to that but it does mean I wasted holiday hanging around for an appointment that didn’t happen. Grr! On the other hand the kitchen and living room were super tidy!!

Week Twelve
(December 20th)
Because of a hiccup with the midwife we weren’t able to do my booking appointment until the morning of the scan. I’m guessing normally this is done separately but actually by having it before the scan they were able to do all the blood tests in one go rather than having to go for separate ones – and it meant I got someone on the antenatal team rather than going to haematology and having to wait in a production line queue. Last time I had a blood test at the hospital I ended up with a bruise on my arm about two inches long but when I give blood I have no problems and don’t bruise. Thankfully the girl on the blood tests was amazing, she apologised when she accidentally wiggled the needle by mistake but it didn’t do anything and I didn’t notice anything. Following the scan we went for some breakfast then I went to see my parents to show my mum the scan – as it happened both my dad and my brother had the day off work so they all came to see I was okay and take a look at the scan picture too!

At the scan, the midwife said that due to baby’s size I was actually ahead so instead of being 12 weeks on the dot I was 12+3 and baby’s due date had moved to the 1st July instead of the 4th.

On Sunday, we went over to Godmanchester to see Chris’s Parents and visit their church for the carol service. I told Chris that if it wasn’t proper carols I’d throw a strop. Thankfully it was carols but quite a few had adapted words! Following the service we headed back to Chris’s parents house and broke the news about them being grandparents. I think they were a bit shell shocked as their reaction was a little tame, but when we opened our Christmas presents I think the excitement had caught up. We had a baby toy and a book of “things to do before you start a family”. I was also given a ball of baby wool and a crochet pattern.

Week Thirteen
(December 25th)
Christmas is here!! We sent out the announcement cards and they were sent by second class mail so they should have arrived after Christmas so that everyone knew around the same time but the Grandparents knew first. Well Royal Mail for once ran ahead of schedule or something because three people outside the MK postcode area all got their cards on Christmas Eve morning. Oh dear. Plan didn’t work. At first it was okay it was one relative who’s not on FB and wouldn’t spill the beans to other people. But then other things popped up. I spoke to my Mum and she suggested dropping in the cards to the Grandparents so that they definitely knew before too many other people did. Our Sidekick came with me and we popped to Grandad S’s followed by Grandma and Grandad B. While at Grandma and Grandad’s house, Grandma mentioned that my Uncle was on his way for a visit. Well his card was still at home so I ended up sending Our Sidekick back into the house grabbing the card for my Uncle and his family then us jumping back in the car to deliver it! Talk about a saga lol.

On Christmas Day with the relatives who needed to know being informed we gave the Pastor at Church the nod to announce the news in church. Chris told him then as I walked through the door about five paces behind I was asked by the Pastor was it okay and had Chris made a decision without telling me — I said yes it was fine but he asked me like another three times just to confirm that it was genuinely okay.

During the service the associate pastor wandered round and asked people about their Christmas presents. He asked Princess Nat what she got for Christmas and then asked the Pastor’s daughter who was back from university. Then he came to ask me, it went something like this:

AP: so Hannah what did you get for Christmas?
Han: Erm, well I’ve only opened two presents so far, I was given wool by Lil Sis and her family.
Pastor: Sorry to interrupt but I think this is the right moment to say this……(announces to the church)

I swear in the time it took him to say his bit and take his seat again, our Second Mum had already got her phone out and had texted congratulations across church!! Following the service I had like twenty hugs and was all hugged out lol.

Following Christmas dinner we posted the scan picture and the announcement card on FB, let’s say my poor phone needed a stiff drink but the end of the afternoon lol.

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