Bad Day

I’m writing this post now but for certain reasons it would be technically posted till tomorrow (it’s 23:34 on the 5th Nov)

Firstly my cousin past his driving test this morning. 

Secondly I was called at about 4ish to go to the hospital as my Grandma had had a stroke. She passed away at about 10 past 7 this evening.

I am still feeling really numb and almost feel like I’m not on the planet atm I plan to go into work at least for the morning so that I don’t feel like I’ve let people down – I’m going to speak to my manager when I get there and say that I will stay til lunch and then if I really cant hack it any more i’ll come home at lunch or if I can hack it i’ll stay through till the end. I was off sick less than two weeks ago so I really don’t want to let people down again.

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