I’ve seen offers of tickets to events pop up on Twitter in the past but often they have clashed with things I’ve already had in my diary like band practice or church meetings.

I saw one pop up yesterday afternoon and almost dismissed it as it being too short notice – I probably could have done with an evening at home.

Melinda from Miss Geeky tweeted about having some spare tickets for a showing of “Beautiful Lies”. I hadn’t really looked into the film as I’d just seen a cardboard cut out thing in the cinema on Tuesday when I went with Clare and some (new) friends to see Arrietty. Anyway, Beautiful Lies is the new film starting Audrey Tautou. Those of you who know me, know that Amelie is one of my favourite films.

Beautiful Lies

I texted Chris to see what he said about going – it was going to be one of those opportunities that if you say no you might regret it kinda thing. Well Chris went with my spontaneity and said yes. I’m one of those people who plans a trip to London meticulously – which route to I need to get on from St Pancras – do I need to go else where? Do I need to change tubes? You get it – I’m a planner. Anyway we organise a plan and he meets me at the train station straight after work (During the conversation to organise where we were meeting and when I also gained the new nickname of Batgirl! Well Chris called me Batwoman but I had to correct him that I’d be Batgirl). We made it to the Preview Theatre with about 10 minutes to spare before the doors opened so we ate our sandwiches that we got from Pret on the way from the station. (We figured that if we couldn’t eat them before hand we could then eat them on the way back to the station rather than try and find somewhere to eat).

I really enjoyed the film – well what I kept up with I enjoyed lol. There was a guy sat two rows in front of me and I couldn’t always read the subtitles through his head – I could have done with sitting closer but the preview theatre is tiny so where I was sat was actually probably the best seat almost. Because it’s a preview and they want to raise awareness of the film as such, we were allowed to tweet through the service which was kind of funny – I think if I had known it was going to be a live tweet event then I would have charged my phone. Unfortunately about 35 minutes into the film my phone died – and actually I think it was a good thing because the film was subtitled it really needed my full attention (I think it’s now only that I’ve seen Amelie 10 times that I can keep up with the story line even if I don’t know the French word for word!)

If you like Amelie you will like this film – it’s not quite as surreal as some of the bits in Amelie but there are a couple of nods to from this film to Amelie for example near the beginning when Emilie (yes it’s not a typo) writes the letter it’s a patische of sorts to the scene in Amelie where she uses the photocopier to write the letter to the lady who lives downstairs from Amelie’s character. I think if you like romantic comedies you will like it too.

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    • Hannie says:

      It’s comes out here in the UK on the 12th (So in less than a week). If you liked Amelie then you will love it 🙂 If you like Rom Coms in general you should like it too.

  1. Susan says:

    Nice to meet you at the pre-screening, Hannie – hope to have a chat next time. Thanks for your comments too – and for reminding me about the attention required. Some of the subtitles passed by so fast my eyes didn’t even reach them, let alone scan them. But don’t get the wrong impression – what I thought would be just another romantic comedy turned out to be a lovely film, in ways I hadn’t imagined (as mentioned in my own review of the film at the ShopCurious blog) Susan x

    • Hannie says:

      You are more than welcome 🙂 I will be sure to say hi next time 🙂

      No I agree, I was trying to tweet and kept missing parts of the story – it was kind of a good thing that my battery was going. I needed to have my attention on it completely.

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