BEDA Day 10

That Boy is working on a full set now. After the rapid response vehicle and ambulance on Sunday he then decided it was time for a police car and fire engine.

Okay so he didn’t so much decide – he was doing his neighbourly duty and things.

Around 11:30 last night there was some noise outside like fireworks. I looked out the window above the trees and there wasn’t anything there but there was smoke. I could then see the flames from just under some of the branches – the garages behind the trees were on fire!!

In my pajamas, I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and opened the front door and ran out into the street and stood next to The Kiwi’s car on the road. Yup it was definitely a fire – That Boy had followed me out (well me running anywhere is kinda strange lol) seen what I was looking at did a 180 and went for the phone. He rang 999 for the Fire Service.

The Kiwi then lent out her bedroom window and asked what was happening (She was just about dozing off when the fire started). Next thing I know she’s running down the stairs and trying to find her flip flops which are actually on my feet seeing as standing outside on the pavement with no shoes was hurting my feet lol.

I charge back inside the house and stick my hoodie on and grab my phone. When I come back outside That Boy has vanished over to the houses across the road to wake people up in the houses nearest the fire (a man gives him an earful about getting up at 4am but That Boy was super brave!). That Kiwi also wanders off while I’m stood outside the house trying to remember where my house keys are – in the end I grab That Boy’s just as the fire engine belts into our road. I go back to my position next to The Kiwi’s car and start waving in the general direction of the fire as the engine starts to turn into the road that leads to the houses next to the garages (Rather than the garages that back onto the houses).

Well within a few minutes there are two fire engines and two police cars – lots of people stood outside the houses watching from that side. Me, The Kiwi and some neighbours are watching from the pavement a bit further down the road. I took about 7 pictures of the garages and the fire.

I headed back in side at about midnight and headed to bed – with all the lights and noise outside I’m actually surprised I even fell asleep but I did and somehow slept reasonably straight through. I woke up this morning and felt really exhausted (again like I’d been hit by a truck).

(Photos to follow)

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