BEDA Day 16

Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.

Joe Fox, You’ve Got Mail

The thing is I agree with him lol. Okay so I’ve never been to New York so don’t agree on that bit but the school supplies things – each summer I got to the supermarket and they have funky notepads, pens, pencils and other supplies in funky colours. On the Etsy website they have a whole list of suggestions for the Back to School season – so I’m window shopping lol. Here is my hypothetical list if I was going to school/college this September which I’m not lol. After this week I’ll be back at work:

School Bag


I found this through the suggested items list. The store is called Kibber and they have so many different designs and colours. I liked this one but I really like some of the others like this and this.



How cool are these notepads? I saw the yellow one and then spotted the image with the other colours! They are listed in Sugar Cookie’s Etsy Store. I love the cartoon character on the front – minus the fact that I wouldn’t wear a skirt that short I think it’s like me – living in my headphones lol. They also do funky badges – this is my favourite badge. Missy (who makes these fab creations) also blogs at Rancho Cocoa, she also writes here at Missy Kulik – take a read! (Having gone back to add links and stuff I found these notebooks which are even more me – Guitar Girl).

At moment in my bag I carry a supermarket version of the infamous Moleskine notebooks – it’s similar to this one (at about third of the price lol)

Laptop Decal

Laptop Decal

I don’t think I ever took my laptop with me to classes at Upper School but when I started taking it to uni classes to take notes etc I had stickers stuck all over the front of my laptop – I so should have got one of these awesome decals. I think I might get one for my Mac but can’t decide on the design – Maybe I should design my own and find someone to print it lol. This one above is by a store on Etsy called OvenMonsters, I saw a few others this week including a Snow White one.


Parker Pen

I’m a bit retro when it comes to writing – I like biros for quick notes and things like that but I really like writing with an ink pen – I’m not really sure why as they can be kinda messy. The only thing I can put it down to is my artistic flair lol. I’ve got a Parker Frontier in Blue at the moment that is running Turquoise ink lol. I use it at work but it’s mainly used for diary writing and things like that.


From Year 5 until joining the Sixth Form when I was 16, the school supplied you with a homework diary – they were often pretty boring and by Christmas mine was covered in pictures from magazines or arty pictures or doodles. Now I’m a bit better lol. At the moment I have an 18 Month Moleskine on the go. I had made a deal with That Boy that when I went back to an iPhone I would try going digital with my diary again but there is something about writing events in a paper diary – that way I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. (Especially as my work diary doesn’t sync with my phone and my Google calendar syncs with my iPhone and my MacBook lol talk about complicated!)

Colouring Pencils

Colouring Pencils

When it comes to colouring pencils the different range the better lol. I don’t pick a particular brand and I’m happy with supermarket own ones if they do the job and don’t break too much. Even when I was at University I still had colouring pencils in my pencil case – they were a staple of my doodling time lol. (Yes for someone who doodles alot I really have no skills when it comes to drawing lol.)

Have I missed anything?

I’m sure I probably missed something but having not been in a class room for a few years now, I think I am bound to have forgotten some bits lol.My schools all had set uniform so own choice of school clothes didn’t really happen for me lol. My school uniform for middle school was a red and gold tie (which would later actually be the same colours as the ties for Gryffindor), a navy jumper with the school crest, a white shirt and navy skirt along with white socks and black shoes. At Upper School, uniform was in the winter (Well September through to Easter) was a black V-Neck jumper with the school logo (or in our case it was just the name), a white shirt with a black and silvery-grey tie, along with a black skirt or black trousers – I had wide leg trousers but the length of skirt and the fit of trousers was definitely up for interpretation, in the summer it was a polo shirt with the skirt/trousers combination again. The good thing about not having to choice as to what I wore to school meant that I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing – until it came to mufti days but they were few and far between and easy to deal with lol. On the other hand by having to pick my own stuff I think my personality might have shown a little more and I wouldn’t have been the quiet girl that all my teachers made me out to be lol.

What was your favourite bit about going back to school? Or were you like me who often didn’t want to go back to school and face the bullies?

Pea.Ess – don’t worry I’m not blogging at work – I have this week off, there is a whole bunch of stuff going on including a fun day and a holiday club that I am taking part in so blogging is going to fit in around them – I might even have chance to live blog at the Fun Day on Sunday. If you want more info about the fun day take a look here or watch the video below:


  1. Rickie says:

    Love it! Even though back to school days are so long ago I don’t recall what I felt, I still love September. Once August bank holiday is over, it’s just a countdown to the birthday in October (=holiday) and Christmas (also = holiday)

    PS I want a satchel now

    • Hannie says:

      Yeah there is something about September – I’m not sure what really though lol. I just count down to Christmas in a few weeks lol. (Then again maybe I start after my Mum’s birthday which is at the beginning of August lol)

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    • Hannie says:

      I know – aren’t they just!!! I kinda want to get one but so don’t know which one – almost need someone just to pick me one and then I’ll stick it on lol.

      Thank you for the comment – Hoped you liked the Love Bomb the other day and that you feel the love! Let me know if you wanna chat at all 😀

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