BEDA Day 30 – (My 30 Days – Day 8)

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I’ve just noticed that my prompts are in the wrong order doh! Day 8 should actually be Day 6 if you are going by Becca‘s List – hopefully this is the only hiccup!

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

What’s in Your Bag?

At present, I’m using my Criminal Damage messenger bag – it has stars all over it :D. I bought it at Pulp a few weeks ago. In there I have….

  • My iPhone
  • My 2010 Diary
  • My 2011 Diary (Yup that organised!)
  • Two Letters to post (One to Becca and one to Kaelah)
  • The bag that came with my diary – both by Irene at 1 Off Handbags
  • New Brooch by Maxine at Common Threads Art.
  • Chocolate Wrapper  – I couldn’t find a bin lol.
  • Pens – I go through stages of having quite a few in my bag
  • Keys
  • Painkillers
  • Deodorant

I started writing this post and then went outside to help That Boy – he set a challenge to see if any of us could light the BBQ using a flint and some tinder – I DID IT!!! The first attempt worked but then burnt out 🙁 I didn’t let that put me off, I wriggled and pulled my sleeves back up again and then tried again with a fire lighter – I got the tinder lit and then that lit the fire lighter and the rest of the BBQ. This morning we bought one of this Chimenea thingies – we’d been to friends who had them and been nice and toasty while sat next to it.


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