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I am a huge fan of a to-do list. Whether it’s a short list of errands to run on a Saturday when I have the car or all the things I feel like I need to get done then there’s a list on the go. Basically, all the prompts for BEDN have been added to this month’s list in a way but rather than writing all 30 prompts into one list, I just add the one for that day and any that I missed.

I’m pretty sure this is part of why keeping a Bullet Journal works for me. I’ve got everyday lists, I’ve got “in the future lists”. I’ve got notes I scribbled in meetings. Recently we’ve been sorting out mortgage bits, so there’s lists I wrote down in the appointments at the bank to deal with when I got home. All the notes are there in one place instead of being all over the place on different scraps of paper or napkins!

On days when I don’t write a list, I nearly always miss something. I’ve even told Chris in the past that if it’s not on my list then it doesn’t happen. There are too many other things going on in my head to remember all the other things too. It’s usually at that point he encourages me to be more mindful lol. Making lists is a sort of mindfulness for me. It means I can write down what needs to be done. It also means then it doesn’t run out of my head when I’m not thinking about it.

To Do List
Now time to go and write a shopping list for Monday and a list of the chores I need to get done in the rest of the weekend.

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