Birthday – 25th November


It was my birthday nearly exactly 7 months ago (my birthday is the 27th April). 

On the 26th April me, Chris and my best friend Kewey went to my parents to do presents. Kewey was armed with her camera and managed to snap this one of me as I headed into the hallway! The flash was so bright I’m glad that my hair was in the way! 

This was just the start of a very fun evening! We got in the car and Kewey told me I needed to be blind folded as where we were going was a surprise and I was allowed to know where. Well Kewey took a wrong turn and we ended up going for more of a ride than was expected by all parties involved. As far as I knew it was just me, Chris and Kewey and that we were going out but it was a surprise as to where we were going. 

Kewey and Chris let me through the restaurant and we got to the bar and I was allowed to unblindfolded. My Mum and Dad were stood at the bar!!! They were taking us three out for tea for my birthday! I was so chuffed! My parents and my friends rock so much!!!!!!


This was taken at my 21st Birthday picnic. I decided that I wanted to go out for a meal but I didn’t want to spend lots of money – so we ended up having a picnic in the park. We were doing cartwheels and stuff on the grass before going to play in the park before school was let out lol. (I think we upset one of the Mum’s who was at the park as we had kinda taken over!)

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