Blog Hop: 30 Days of Lists – September 2014

I have heaps to still write about my brother’s wedding at the weekend. I’ve taken a bunch of photos on my phone but will wait for the ones from my Mum and Dad before I add them to the post – I was armed with Mum’s camera for part of the day.

he next round of 30 Days of Lists starting. It kicks off on Sunday which is the 1st September.

Some of the prompts this time round are really cool and quite exciting. There is still time to join and it’s really easy so there’s no excuses!! You do your lists your way, if crazy funky scrapbook pages aren’t your thing, write the list on your phone and then take a screenshot, if that’s not your thing, write your list on post its and take a giant picture. It’s completely up to you! Mine this year was just going to be handwritten in a notebook but my tub of melon exploded in my bag the other day and my 30 Days of Lists notebook was in there too and I had to bin it – will start with a new notebook by Sunday.

So far, there is almost 600 listers registered to join in and they are from across the world!! There are a couple from the UK and I’m hoping to get to know them and maybe feature their lists if they will let me!

BUT! That’s not it! If we get to 600 registered Listers, then there will be a giveaway to win a $100 gift certificate for Studio Calico!! One of those first 600 Listers will be selected to win! How cool will that be?!

All you have to do to be entered is to register for September’s 30 Days of Lists.

Today we’re doing a blog hop, showing off our favourite prompts from the March 2011 30 Lists challenge. All the prompts for that challenge are still available for free – so if you want to give them a go in your own time you can find them here.

If you still want more list prompts, you can grab any one of the previous challenges as a self-paced download. Choose each set of lists one-at-a-time or get all 4 of them together.
That’s a total of 120 listing prompts!

For today’s list highlight, I chose Day 28 – this prompt was “Vacations to Take…..” Between making the list and now, Our Sidekick has been living with us, there are various factors that mean that taking him with us abroad is a bit complicated so for now we’re exploring the UK all that more, about like when I was a kid. Last year it was Bristol and the surrounding area, this year we covered a bit more of a patch but had a great time around Blackpool, Liverpool and Manchester.

30 Days of Lists: Day 28

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I’m scheduling this as we will be in the road tomorrow. Should I have missed something important please let me know and I’ll try and fix it from my phone……. If I don’t go to sleep soon Chris will get upset at me!


  1. Megan Anderson says:

    I love how you broke down each country into smaller regions!

    Also, you’re the only person I’ve ever heard of wanting to come to the USA for Kansas and Missouri. We must be doing a good job of showing off how awesome it is! Hah!

  2. lariatsandlavender says:

    I can’t wait for 30 Lists! I don’t have the funds right now, however I am hoping I can grab a spot before September 1st. 🙂 I want to visit Japan SO badly. My wife and I have had a goal of living, or at least, visiting there for years!

  3. Ffion says:

    We went to tuscanny last year and it was absolutely wonderful, I can only recommend it 🙂 We stayed at a lovely vinyard called “Villa Spoiano”. My favourite holiday yet!

    Japan is also absolutely amazing! I spend three weeks there on a sports exchange and the experience was mind-blowing!

    Love your list, some great places on there.

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