When I started writing my blog a few years back it was somewhere I could come and write and splurge about how I was feeling about what was going on around me – at the time when I started writing I was a student and was dealing with all sorts of issues. Now I’m out in the world of work and I kind of have to be careful about what I write – if I talk about my job I have to remember how easy it is for my manager to go to Google and find my blog. I guess I’m feeling like my blog has lost it’s way again – I write lots about music and my goals and stuff like that but should it be more contained and going down a particular route rather than just being somewhere to spew. Am I constrained by my job etc as to what I can and can’t write about?

Another thing that is being raised more and more is that – whatever we put out there on the internet can be read by anyone and I mean ANYONE. You know that dream job you want well you’re new employer might be reading, that rant about your ex-employer might have seemed like a good idea at the time but then on your first day of your new job your new employer might be reading it. It has been discussed in Christian circles that if our actions have to show Christ to those around us that means that our statuses on social networks should be that too – ranting about how mean your girl/boyfriend was to you isn’t showing Christ to those around you – but encouraging them by praising something that they did do that made you feel loved that’s better right? (Yes I know there is still a line to make sure you don’t cross lol) In the past I’ve posted “is feeling really loved because Chris did this thing” and often you’ll find that people like your status because it’s encouraging to another person it’s saying thank you or praising them for something good rather than putting them down.

I was then also thinking about the platform – does that affect it? I think my first blog was on Xanga or LiveJournal then I flicked between Blogger and WordPress – and then somehow settled here – I was talking to Chris about moving my blog the other day and he explained how he uses my blog as an example to show his clients what he can do with theirs – and things like that. I don’t mind that but then am I constrained to design to show of Chris’s talents.

So this is kinda rambled and I’m not actually all that sure how much sense it will make but we’ll see what happens.

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  1. trisha says:

    I know how you feel. I often want to write something that is on my mind or really bothering me, but I also think who might be “listening”. I also often fear I could offend people with what I have to say.. or worse, that I make myself too vulnerable for haters and stupid people.

    • Hannie says:

      I agree – I knew that my Grandad read my blog for a little while – I’m not sure if he still does (Hi Grandad if you just popped by!). I know that Chris reads it – he’ll often ask me a question out of the blue having just read my blog post or something like that lol.

      I think about setting up a separate blog that is either anonymous or private but then at the same time it defeats the point of having this one in a way.

  2. Lillian says:

    I think we feel a sense of anonymity and tend to say things on line that we would never say in “real” life. I filter myself, not based on what someone might read, whether it be a future or current boss or family member or total stranger. I make myself stop and ask the question, “is this something I would ever say in public?” Since I’m pretty straightforward the answer is usually yes. But when it isn’t yes, than I don’t put it out there on the internet, on any of my social networking sites. That’s what my private journal is for.

    BTW when you publish something, deleting it from your supporting site, doesn’t necessarily delete from the reader sites. For example Google Reader will keep the original post (that has been published) even when you’ve deleted it from your site. I use both Reader and Bloglovin to follow blogs. Bloglovin’ doesn’t hold deleted posts but Reader does. Just an FYI.

    Finally, thank you for the Mother’s Day wish. It’s been a good day.

    • Hannie says:

      I agree about the “Would I say it in real life?” – as my Mum would say if you can’t say something nice don’t say it at all and I try to apply that to all Social Networks and my blog – that way hopefully I don’t get in trouble – I think the only time I’m mean is when I write complaints about restaurants (but then on the other hand once they solve the issue I blog about how fab and helpful they were!)

      The other side of is it – when I met some people from Twitter in real life, I was really worried that people would think that I wasn’t as cool as the person I portrayed on the internet – turns out I was nervous over nothing lol.

      I didn’t know that about Bloglovin’ vs Google Reader – thank you 🙂

  3. Tiffany says:

    I think we all struggle with being a little nervous about what we’re putting out there because of who might see it, or who might be offended. But at the end of the day its your blog, and it’s important to stay true to yourself.

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Tiffany thank you for your comment 🙂 You’re right – it is important to stay true to yourself.

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