Blogmas: Day Two

Here’s Blogmas! Technically I think it’s supposed to be Vlogmas but in the CRAZEE that is coming over the next few days the idea of trying to film and edit without Jaxon creating havoc just makes me a bit more stressed so writing this in bed or hiding elsewhere in the house seems like a good plan and hopefully I might just keep up!

Between the cold and the tiredness (I eventually got to sleep around 2am!), I did not want to get out of bed this morning. However with preschool on the cards for Jaxon and my appointment at church to help with various bits, getting out of bed was necessary.

I christened my Secret Santa mug while Jaxon ate his breakfast. Then set about making Jaxon’s packed lunch. Each week I debate whether I should make it the night before. I’m sure it would definitely be less stressful on preschool mornings if I was organised enough to do it.

We attempted to get to the bus stop but we missed our usual bus and then the second one we could have caught drove past us as we were trying to get between bus stops. (Two routes run near our house and take us in the direction of preschool. One works better than the other but only runs every 30ish minutes so unless we catch that specific one then we have to keep walking).

Well we got to preschool in the end and Jaxon got settled quickly.  I was able to leave and get to church to help with a project pretty much straight after 9.30 which was good. We had Christmas music playing which we got on with bits. Turns out Louis Armstrong did a cover of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. It was good but Tom and Cerys or Him and Her’s versions are my favourites.

I walked as fast as my legs would carry me  to get back to preschool and collect Jaxon.   He had, had a great time but had protested a little bit when it came to decorating his car ramp that he’d made with his key worker.

One of the other mums from Lemon and Ginger was dropping her daughter off and her back was playing up so between us, I carried her little boy in his carry seat back to the car while she held Jaxon hand. Definitely a bit of team effort but hopefully helped her out a bit.

My Dad was on standby to help me with some errands so when Jaxon and I got home I grabbed some lunch and he played. I also opened my little package from my Advent Box by Mrs Brimbles. Today it’s a….pen!

Dad took us to the supermarket to do one of the errands. We went to park in the Parent and Child space so that we had room to get Jaxon out but all the spaces were taken.

However, there was a car quite close to is where the lady was parked in a P&C space but had no children with her. I tapped on her window and politely asked her to move seeing as she had no children currently with her and was stopping people who actually needed the space from using it. She said she was waiting for her children. Now this specific supermarket has a Maths/English tuition place in the same building so it could have been possible she was waiting for her children to come out of a class there. Actually it turned out that it was 3pm so the kids were still in school further up the road and she was killing time until they got out.

She rather rudely and crossly said she would move. It was too late for us as Dad had arwsdu parked the car in another space. As I discovered when I was pregnant, there are different rules depending on where you’re parking. Some places might have given her a ticket for misusing the space.

Do you have an advent calendar? Do you have one with chocolates or do you have a speciality one like this? 

What do you think of P&C spaces? Useful, waste of time, inconvenience? Or something else?