Blogtober – Day 13: Earrings and Knitting
Blogtober 2021

Once again, I’m committing to Blogtober, but whether I’ll make it happen or not is another thing. One day I’ll manage all the days without having to catch up at weekends or something like that. For now, Happy Blogtober.

As I lay in bed this morning and attempted to try and get a few minutes sleep, I was presented these earrings by Jaxon. Schools here in Denmark often have “wrap around” care that most kids go to. Jaxon’s been going pretty much every day since he started school here. They have all sorts of activities – he loves showing off the computer room. Anyway, he presented me with these earrings, apparently, he made them one day at school. So cute! I’d love to be able to wear them lots but I can imagine Rex trying to pull them out of my ears, so for now they have been put away safely and will be taken out next time we go out for a date night or something like that.

The other picture is my progress so far with the Shawlography MKAL. It’s a little messy in places but I’m pleased with how it’s looking. This bit involved German Short Rows – which took a little studying to get right but I think I’m there. Hopefully by the time I get through the rest of it, I will have them mastered lol. I’m hoping to catch up with Clue 1 so I’m ready to start Clue 2 on Friday but I’m not sure I’m going to get it done. But as Stephen says “say yes, don’t stress” so here we go breathe and don’t stress!

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  1. Sandra Ans says:

    Your new earings are very nice! 🙂 Overall selfmade things are the best gifts, because the energy we put inside when making it, we will never find in things bought in shop!
    I wish you even more inspiration and new ideas! 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      Thank you! Absolutely, handmade things are so special. (To me) even if it’s not my first choice the fact that someone spent the time making it for me then I appreciate it all the same (think ugly Christmas Sweater – I might only wear it around the house but I’d still cherish it because Great Aunt Mildred made it for me).

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