Blogtober – Day 22: Exploring the Neighbourhood
Blogtober 2021

Once again, I’m committing to Blogtober, but whether I’ll make it happen or not is another thing. One day I’ll manage all the days without having to catch up at weekends or something like that. For now, Happy Blogtober.

All week Chris had been encouraging me to go out but between the weather, getting over the lurgy that Rex so generously shared with me and not really knowing where to go, I decided we’d go for an outing – even if we were just walking around the streets near the apartment. That’s what we’d do most days when we were back in the UK.

We needed to get some superglue so my target was to get to Silvan at Nørrebro ByCenter (Silvan is the Danish equivalent of B&Q or Homebase and it’s part of the local shopping centre – it would be like going to The Harpur Centre in Bedford or the Centre MK and finding a DIY store in there).

We took a reasonably straightforward route to get there, then started to detour on the way back.

I spotted this park on our way but I thought I’d got it wrong at first. The parks in Copenhagen are so well looked after, the fact that this one looked so underloved I thought I must have got it wrong. This is called Glasbroparken and it seems like at one side there is some building work going on so I think the whole park had been closed while the work was going on. There is a poster outside the park with some information on it but with it all being in Danish, I’m going to need to stand there properly and translate it.

On our way home, Chris recommended that we go to Lidl to see if they had any cereal (cheaper than some of the other supermarkets but also closer choices to what we have in the UK). The store is very compact and some of the aisles are really not buggy friendly so I was getting a little stressed as I struggled to find what I was looking for. In the end, we got some other bits and headed home (and I said Chris might have to go for me another day to take a look for me!)

A lot of the buildings around here have basements, some are like ours which are storage, drying rooms or the communal laundry. In one of the basements in our building, there is a lounge/area that you can hire for birthday parties etc. Some of the buildings like this one has an apartment in the basement too. I love spotting the quirky doors on the older buildings. Near this one there’s another door which is a double door but with one big door and one little door. I’m going to attempt to share more of these things I spot over on Instagram when I can. This mural was one I spotted on a different adventure.

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