Bonus BEDA Day 5

Because of my super efficient posting at like 10 past midnight this morning to welcome in That Boy’s Birthday I now have another post to write this evening as well. (You are either really lucky because you like my posts or really unlucky because I’m clogging up your RSS Reader – either way I’m sorry lol.

2 Things – but maybe there are more to come.


MarySew (aka Trisha) and GrrrFeisty (aka Roxy) are hosting a fabulous giveaway so go take a look 😀

I found this on Roxy’s Etsy page – how cool!!

GRR! I'm a Dinosaur


Roxy is also hosting a giveaway with Keiko-Lynn who blogs here.

 Keiko Lynn Logo


Yesterday Amy (who blogs at Amyschmamey) had a list of blogs that she likes to read that have under 50 followers – I’ve copied the list so I can read them all – I bet they are so fab! (Read Amy’s blog too she’s super cool!)



  1. Koree says:

    Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I’ll have to check out these giveaways! And that’s so cool that you found me through Amy. She’s sweet. Have a great Wednesday!

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Koree! I make it Thursday now lol. Thanks for swinging past and commenting (in return!). I so agree Amy is sweet! And it’s a small world because I’ve seen some of your photos on Life in Technicolour by Becca

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    • Hannie says:

      If you ever have the opportunity to go to Paris go! It’s amazing and I can guarantee you will love it!

  3. cardiogirl says:

    Now that is an awesome idea — listing your favorite blogs with a certain number of followers or less — and then providing the graphic of their masthead! I might have to borrow that idea. Off to read some new blogs now!

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