Book Review – His Endless Love

His Endless Love

Another book I read while on holiday was His Endless Love by Samantha Sali. In comparison to the other two books that I read while on holiday this was very different (I read the rest of The Boatman by Jonathan Holt and The Underland Chronicles: Gregor The Overland by Suzanne Collins).

In 2011, Samantha Sali created a simple blog to help her family and friends see the importance of love in the world, specifically God’s love. Within months, the blog went from 2 readers to 2000. The words that she wrote inspired thousands to start living a love-filled life. Read her personal testimony of how she overcame pain, hatred, guilt, abuse and started living a life filled with love, compassion, kindness, and empathy. Follow her journey as she learns what love is, who created love, and what it feels like to be loved. *Includes exclusive interview with Dr. Buck Blodgett, founder of The LOVE > hate Project.
The book was interesting. It was interesting to read Samantha’s story and what she had been through. Hearing about Buck’s experiences following the death of his daughter and how rather than holding onto negative feelings and the pain he put all that energy into the positive and came up with The LOVE > hate project. It’s really inspiring.
There was a lot of information as far as personal experience and other people’s experiences but I think there could have possibility been a little more biblical content but other than that I did enjoy it.
You can find Samantha’s blog here. You can find more information and purchase His Endless Love on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Goodreads. (affiliate links)

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