Britain’s Got Talent

So I am sat here watching Britain’s Got Talent – Can’t say it’s exactly my first choice but tweeting like a mad loon while watching is cool – it’s like sharing your opinion with all your friends in one hit or something.

Hollie Steele, got up sang Edelwiss this evening – she was awesome but about a third of the way through her voice started cracking and she started to cry (Now I get a bit teary because I remember singing it to Grandma S once in her garden while sitting on a ladder!!).

I’ve just seen the headlines before going back for the final part of Britian’s Got Talent and the news reporter asked “Has the Pressure got too much?” and really has it?

It’s a big deal even getting through the audition stage (My friend went for an audition for the X Factor and he was one of the televised auditions) so you can imagine by the time you get to the Semi-Finals its going to be scary! Especially as today is the last semi-final – it’s going to be seriously scary.

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