Butlins 2010: Friday

About 13 months ago I got to go to Butlins in Bognor Regis and review my trip thanks to Fuel My Blog.

While we were there we booked a holiday for this year. That way we made sure we had one rather than just putting it off for once reason or another.

We headed off on Friday around 11am ish after running some errands.

The journey wasn’t too bad, it was quite hot and by the time we got here I was really feeling it. We went to check in and that’s where the main hiccup started. We didn’t have our confirmation pack because we moved house in November. We had called last week and spoke to someone in customer service who said that it would all be fine and we just needed to explain that we didn’t have our pack. No problem right?

Our booking sheet that we were given in June last year said 4 nights from the 9th July (okay so we arrive Friday and leave Tuesday Morning). We get to check in and they can’t find our packet. At first we think it’s just been misplaced and so we hover and wait for most other people to check in.

About 3:15pm a lady from the check in team comes and tells us what the problem is. We’d been booked in for 4 nights as expected but they had us as leaving on the 9th not arriving on the 9th. They were expecting that we’d come on the 5th and leave on the 9th. Hence no welcome pack. If we wanted to stay this weekend there was going to be an additional charge as the week slot was cheaper than the weekend slot. Well no, we weren’t going to pay extra because of their error so, lady goes to talk her manager about getting our booking amended and getting us sorted out. Upto this point she was still being nice and proving good service. (I on the other hand was melting, needed a lie down and some painkillers)

We hovered a little longer while she went off to see what could be done about the additional charge.

She reappeared with two door keys and a map in her hand. The manager had cleared the additional charge and we were booked in. We were in a slightly different block then planned but we were still on the same area as planned. She then makes a comment about how we should have questionned our booking and checked the dates – (erm okay but it’s your error) well my FIL had kinda had it bearing in mind that she’d been getting more ranty and up herself through this conversation. (I was still trying to stay out of it. I didn’t have the energy to get back in the car and drive home).

I did have the energy to tweet throughout the conversation and included the @wearebutlins SM account.

So we headed to our room. We couldn’t get into our accomadation until 4pm so we went and hung out with my in laws at their room. I lay down on the floor of my SIL’s room and died there for a few minutes.

Once we were able to get in at 4pm I came in and hit the bed. I was so hot and exhausted. I just needed to sleep for a bit. That Boy and his parents went to our car and grabbed our bits.

I nodded off and slept on and off through till dinner. Similarly to last year we were in a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast. Because both breakfast and dinner are All You Can Eat by the time you get to lunch you only really want a snack if anything!

After dinner I came back to our room and crashed out again. I felt pants. I crashed for about half an hour and drank like a gallon of water then felt a bit better. We went to play pool which would have been okay but it was so warm I drank a whole bottle of water and then a glass of diet cola. After that we came back and crashed.


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  2. cardiogirl says:

    I often wonder whatever happened to the customer is always right mantra. Definitely the customer can be a jackass but when the customer is trying to be cool and the employee is throwing some digs it really annoys me. Let’s all be cordial, shall we?

    • Hannie says:

      The customer is always right even when they swear at you, are rude to you and make you cry – they are still right. Theoretically! lol. Then again it gets worse they then ask to speak to a manager and make out that you were swearing and being rude.

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