Butlins: Saturday Part One

I wasn’t really sure where to start with post. I didn’t want it to be like a “We did this…” and “We did that…” as that can get a little boring. I thought about writing a post full of bullet points but also thought this wasn’t a good idea, I had just too much to say!!

Following breakfast we went for a wander into Bognor Regis it’s self – it was nice to be on site but both of us wanted to explore a bit further – we walked down the sea front talking about how far the tide was out and the fact that the pier is actually really short compared to some others that we’ve seen.

We popped into a shop just up one of the streets from the seafront so that I could get some paracetamol and a comb (CJ had rather over-efficiently packed my two hair brushes so I didn’t have any way of combing or brushing my hair). We then headed back as it was beginning to get very hot and I hadn’t exactly dressed for walking in the middle of the day (I was wearing my grey long sleeve top that my Mum bought me last week when we were in London along with my blue surfer vest top).

When we got back we decided to go and have a look round the fairground – I’m not the biggest fan of rides and stuff like that but I know CJ would enjoy it so I went on a couple of rides anyway. On one of the rides I had to take my flip flops off so that I didn’t lose them while we were spinning round. When I took them off the metal floor was very hot so I did a funny little dance to try and get into the seat without touching the floor too many times! When the ride finished CJ jumped out the seat before me and grabbed my shoes for me so that I didn’t have to step on the metal for too long when I went to get off.

After that one we queued for the Dodgems – which were more like “avoidem’s”. Everyone got in their cars and then there was a bunch of instructions we were given about which way you had to go and that you had to avoid bumping into people. After the Dodgems we went on the Tug Boat ride – it’s a bit like a pirate ship but you spin round at the top of the arch so you don’t have to worry about going backwards and things like that (I don’t do pirate ships but that was okay.)

(Okay so the post was getting a little long so I needed to split it)

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