Camping in Yorkshire: Day One

With about ten days notice, Chris announced we were going camping during the May half term – there was a debate about or not the discussion had been had previously but in the end, we just got ourselves together and set off on an adventure. Yorkshire here we come! (I know we’re in July! I’m catching up with all those drafts that I started but didn’t finish!)

Well, technically I guess the camping didn’t start until Monday but our trip started on Sunday.

After visiting our old church in the morning, we headed home to get lunch, sort out the remaining bits, load the car and get on the road.

With all the luggage backed into Zoe the EV, we decided that I’d sit in the back for the first leg (and by the time we got to the campsite along those winding, country roads it was decided that Chris or I would sit in the back on the way home too!)

Off to Peterborough

With Zoe the EV working her little socks off, we needed to stop for a charge. Chris had planned the route so that we had specific places to stop and charge. Our first stop was at the council offices in Peterborough. As it happened they were walking distance from the Nene Valley Railway. Although there wasn’t time to ride the railway while we waiting for Zoe the EV to charge, we walked to see the trains. We got to see Helga, she is a Swedish Rail Car and is orange and yellow so you can’t miss her! We also saw the MagLev Carriage which has seen better days!

Helga the orange and yellow Swedish Rail Car
Maglev train at Nene Valley Railway

Continuing to Lincoln

Once Zoe the EV was charged some more, it was time to get on the road to our final destination for the day. We would be staying at the Holiday Inn in Lincoln City Centre. The great thing about this is that the hotel has got it’s own charger (and it’s a rapid one I believe!). We arrived at the hotel and someone else had just beat us but they took Chris’s number so that they could let us know when they’d finished with the charger and we would be able to use it after them.

After we got settled in the room, we headed to the local McDonalds for tea which was very exciting for Jaxon because he’d been told he could have it but it would be later in the week.

We headed back to the hotel and got Jaxon ready for bed including a shower – he wasn’t so convinced about it but we managed to convince him to get on with it! Chris and I then sat in bed and read while Jaxon got settled down for bed. He was a bit too excited at first but he settled down in the end.

That was the end of Day One.