Can I Learn to Dive?

Kewey arrived yesterday!!!!! EEEEE!!!!

I’m worried though 🙁

This week I’ve been excited about Kewey arriving at the weekend but also grieving my Grandma (see previous posts from this week if you need to find out why). I’m worried that when Kewey leaves tomorrow I’m going to go head first of the top board and not being able to stop crying or being rubbish because of how I feel.

Today, Chris, Kewey and me wandered into town to do some various bits like get a toothbrush and toothpaste as Kewey was so excited to get here that she forgot to pick them up before leaving the house!

(Maybe this is where I suggest that she leaves the tootbrush here so that she has a back up!) While we were in town we also when and played with the Google Phone in the T-Mobile shop. Admittedly it is quite nice, the keyboard is easy to use (but would take two hands) and the screen is clear however I could list various things that got on my nerves even just playing with it. The internet loaded my blog with Kewey extremely quickly. I wanted to get my iPhone out and see them load side by side and see how much quicker it was. (Although I couldn’t do that as Chris had started a debate with the T-Mobile man)

Anyhoo after being into town we walked back and Laura and Andrew popped round for a little while having been shopping for bits for their new house that they move into next week!!!! How exciting!!!!

After that we went to the Supermarket so that Kewey could get some bits for Serena so that she didn’t have to fit getting to the supermarket and getting the bus from Milton Keynes to Bedford in before going out to the Reunion.

We then went to the hotel so that Kewey could get ready (when she posts some photos I’m going to post one of Serena and Kewey in costume). She grabbed a shower then I helped her to do up her corset top thingy – You see it in period dramas where the actress is laced into her corset – it was like that but I didn’t want to pull the ribbon too hard in case I broke it. Having just seen Kewey in that bit of her costume with her jeans I think she is going to look awesome this evening!

At about half 5 Kewey brought me back to my flat so I could get ready for the fireworks social with the youth group at church (ok so there wasn’t much to get ready just put on extra socks! – Also I now must have a shower because i reek like a bonfire!!!!)

Kewey went back to the hotel to finish getting ready and I went to church ready to pick up my car full to take to Godmanchester (we were going to Chris’s parents as he had cohersed them into hosting us) unfortunately there was a miscalculation on the number of people coming so we did leave a little late having waited for one of the parents to come back and play taxi for their young person!

The fireworks were good fun but if I don’t grab a shower and go to bed I think I might freeze to death (I took my hoody off because the smokey smell was doing my head in hehe!)

So night night my dears – I have some of my NaNoWriMo story to type up and hopefully I will then have a better word count! I know I am behind (50,000 words in 30 days thats 1667 words per day! That means by the 8th November you should be on about 12,000 if i did my maths right!). I am even further behind than Kelly who posted about her “epic FAIL

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