Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Sam

I got in from work yesterday and really fancied doing something – wasn’t really sure what just knew I wanted to do something and not sit in front of the TV all evening (although I did want to watch the Nelson Mandela birthday concert).

I put on Facebook that I wanted to go to the cinema and if anyone wanted to come with me. My friend Phil dropped me a message saying that he’d come but it depended on what I was going to watch. I’d had a look on the listings and there was Wanted or The Incredible Hulk.

Phil then phoned me as he couldn’t be bothered with texting or Facebook – the art of conversation isn’t dead!

We decided that we’d meet at quarter to 8 and headed to Maccy D’s for a drink and a catch up.

We headed over to the cinema and had a look what’s on. We were stood in the queue and had a look at the screen. Sex and The City was on at 8:20pm, Wanted was on at 8:30pm and Wanted was on at 8:50pm.

Phil and I had a chat about which we wanted to go and see and he said that he wouldn’t mind seeing SATC again if I wanted to see it. (Phil is sooooo lovely!!!!)

I loved it! I was a little concerned that it would be overly graphic like the TV show but actually it wasn’t too bad there were a couple of bits that were a little over the top but they were over quick.

Overall I loved the film and might get it on DVD (then again maybe not!) I did have to give Phil a quick rundown on where we left the TV show as he had never ever watched an episode.

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